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Messages in a Web Browser — February 2, 2018

Messages in a Web Browser

Juli Clover, writing for Mac Rumors:

As of iOS 11.3, Messages in iCloud is back and is available for “testing and evaluation purposes,” marking the official return of the feature. According to Apple’s release notes, once iOS 11.3 beta 1 is installed, Messages will prompt users to turn on Messages in the Cloud when it is first launched.

Messages in the Cloud is automatically enabled for users who have two-factor authentication and iCloud Backup enabled, says Apple.

The new Messages in iCloud feature will be a welcome change for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users who prefer not to delete their messages. Over the course of several years, Messages can take up a lot of space. That space can now be freed up with the bulk of older messages stored directly in iCloud rather than on-device.

As a paid developer, I’ve been testing iOS 11.3 since its beta release. Quick, reliable and trouble-free message syncing between devices is a feature I’ve longed for and — at least between the iPhone X and current-generation iPad that have the beta installed — it’s finally here.

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Luminary Blur — for Real This Time — January 31, 2018

Luminary Blur — for Real This Time

Once upon a time, I kept a personal online diary. I called it Luminary Blur. I’ve since archived that and finally launched my own personal website with my name as the URL and Luminary Blur as the moniker.

If you’re interested in technology, racing, the mainstream media and particularly my thoughts on these topics, you may find it worthwhile to keep up to date with my writing here. Some of it will be super short, some of it will be mighty long, but all of it will be me.

With the launch of this neat little website, I intend to illuminate the blur that has been my thoughts on so many topics for so much time. Thank you sincerely for checking it out.